• Kevin Clement

6 Awesome Wheelchair Accessories You Must Know About

Wheelchair accessories are designed to maximize comfort and provide convenience for a wheelchair user. From a smoother ride to increased protection, these accessories offer all kinds of benefits. In this blog, we’ll tell you about 6 awesome wheelchair accessories.

Grade Aids/ Hill Holders

Grade aids or hill holders attach to the wheel locks on a manual wheelchair and are designed to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards. This device is very beneficial when you have to climb up a ramp or a steep slope. On a manual wheelchair, rolling up on a ramp requires wheelchair users to quickly roll the hand rims without removing their hands from it. If they remove their hands even for a second, the wheelchair will start to roll backwards. Grade aids enable wheelchair users to easily climb up a ramp, without worrying about the wheelchair rolling backwards.


Accu-grips are brightly colored, oversized brake tips designed to make it easier for wheelchair users to find and use the brakes. We highly recommend Accu-grips if a wheelchair user’s eyesight is weak or if they cannot properly grip the wheel locks.

Ride-Along Platforms

Ride-along platforms are another great accessory for an electric or motorized wheelchair. They attach to the back of the wheelchair and are designed to keep family, friends, and caregivers close to the wheelchair users. It does not add any additional weight to the wheelchair, and some platforms can hold up to 300 lbs; allowing wheelchair users to take their loved ones with them. Wheelchair users can also use it to carry heavy stuff such as bags of dog foods, etc.

Propulsion Levers

Propulsion levels are designed to enable wheelchair users to easily move, steer, and brake their wheelchairs. These levers make it much easier for a manual wheelchair chair user to propel their wheelchairs and can be a blessing for those who have difficulty gripping the conventional handrims. Propulsion levers enable wheelchair users to move their ride forward or backwards without straining their shoulder.

Frog-Leg Casters

Frog leg casters are designed to provide a more comfortable and smoother ride. These casters also improve the steering capability of a wheelchair, adding extra comfort. So if you or someone you know has a wheelchair with faulty wheels, then switching the conventional wheels with frog leg casters and forks will help them a lot.

Toe Jammer Footplates

Toe Jammer Footplates are designed to protect the toes and feet of wheelchair users from injuries while adding comfort. These footplates are made with a marine-grade aluminium base with a toe guard that wraps around the front of the footplates. This footplate is designed to support the active lifestyle of a wheelchair user, as they don’t have to worry about their feet sliding off the plate or twisting/dragging their feet. It also protects their feet from cuts, broken toes and gives them the freedom to move around without worrying about hurting their feet.


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