• Kevin Clement

Expert Tips for Awesome Wheelchair Travel

Updated: Sep 2

No matter how old you are or where you live in the world – there is something universal about humans – we all love to travel! There is no single person on earth who would say, "Gee, I really regret visiting all those beautiful places.

We are here to tell you that having a fun, exciting trip is possible for everyone. Exploring the world without limits is a realistic possibility! Let's go through the following list to find ways to make your trip easier and full of fun!

Consider the intricacies of the in-flight experience

If you can get tickets for first-class or for business, please go for them. It'll be a much simpler choice. But, if you're like most people who travel in economy, many ways are available to boost the time spent inside the plane. If you are planning your first aircraft trip, please be aware that all airlines must provide a special wheelchair designed for inflight through the narrow passageways.

In case you need to use the lavatories, let a member of the crew know, so they can help. It is a good idea to call the airline ahead and ask if they have accessible lavatories for their specific models as allowed by legislation in some countries.

Check your hotel accessibility by calling ahead

The Internet today makes it super convenient for us. Online hotel reservations are fantastic, but accessibility-wise, it's not quite what it seems. Some hotels claim to have wheelchair accessible bathrooms online when, in fact, this is not the case. Several countries do not have a regulated entity like the US ADA that can confirm accessibility claims, so we recommend calling forward and asking direct questions about the facilities: Are there steps, elevators, the first-floor room? How wide are the doors? Will you have water at the roll-in? Thus, you will get a better, more realistic picture of what you are buying. We've had great experiences finding wheelchair-friendly accommodations in many journeys this way, also asking for detailed images by email!

Plan ahead for the care of your power wheelchair

When you're a power wheelchair user, it's essential to be mindful that the transportation process could hurt you. There are ways to stop that, though. For specific instructions, like "NOT LAY ON ITS SIDE," you will attach handling instructions tapped to your electric wheelchair packaging. Recently released statistics for airlines in America indicate that several companies treat this delicate cargo with care and respect. Check the data on mishandling power wheelchairs here.

Research new technical adapted equipment

Knowledge, as they claim, is power, and nowadays, creativity is high. Look for the original equipment on the Internet that will help you make the most of your trip. One of our favorites is the ToeJammerFootPlates wheelchair that will help you have a comfortable and amazing travel journey! Need to try mountain biking? No trouble. You can even try hand bikes, trikes, tandem bikes. Also, there are modified kayaks, sailboats, amphibious wheelchairs for water sports enthusiasts, all built to help you get the time of your life. Do your research to discover what would suit your skills and needs best.

If you are interested, I found some great information here for when we start moving about the world again. Also you might want to tune into Accessible Travel Facebook and YouTube channels


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